A Beginner's Guide


Every aspect of the anti-capitalist world is covered in this helpful guide, from WOMBLES to Zapatistas, NGOs to environmentalism, Paris 1968 to Seattle, and beyond. Picking up where Naomi Klein left off, this is not so much a manifesto as a roadmap, which captures the essence of the movement, and also articulates a range of possibilities for future alternatives to the corporate domination of our planet.

‘This is clear, helpful and enlightening, even for a hoary old campaigner like me. I have learnt a lot from this book, and I'm sure that you will do so as well.’
George Monbiot, Guardian columnist and author of The Age of Consent

‘I strongly support this book, it is a good critical (or self-critical) guide to the movement and exactly what the movement needs at its current stage.’
Boris Kagarlitsky, director of the Institute of Globilization and Social Movements, Moscow

‘A useful account of the failure of hyper-capitalism, and of those who oppose it.’
Paul Kingsnorth, author of Real England: The Battle Against the Bland

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208 pages
Beginner's Guides

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Simon Tormey

Author Simon Tormey is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Critical Theory at the University of Nottingham, England.