A Beginner's Guide


The financial crisis, bank bailouts, and the dash to austerity have breathed new life into protest movements across the globe, and brought anti-capitalist ideas to the mainstream. But what does it mean to be anti-capitalist? And where is anti-capitalism going — if anywhere?

Simon Tormey explores these questions and more in the only accessible introduction to the full spectrum of anti-capitalist ideas and politics. With nuance and verve, he introduces the reader to the wide variety of positions and groups that make up the movement, including anarchists, Marxists, autonomists, environ mentalists, and more. Providing essential global and historical context, Tormey takes us from the 1968 upsurge of radical politics to the 1994 Zapatista insurrection, the 1999 Seattle protests, and right up to Occupy and the uprisings across the Eurozone.

This is a fascinating and bold exploration of how to understand the world – and how to change it.


'A useful account of the failure of hyper-capitalism, and of those who oppose it.'
Paul Kingsnorth

'I strongly support this book, it is a good critical (or self-critical) guide to the movement and exactly what the movement needs at its current stage.'
Boris Kagarlitsky

'This is clear, helpful and enlightening, even for a hoary old campaigner like me. I have learnt a lot from this book, and I'm sure that you will do so as well.'
George Monbiot

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192 pages
Beginner's Guides

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Simon Tormey

Author Simon Tormey is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Critical Theory at the University of Nottingham, England.